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Offer loans as an employee benefit with no capital. Retain employees at no cost. Flexible and easy to integrate.

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As an Employer

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Offer employee benefit of salary loans without having to spend capital
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Employee retention at relatively no cost to the Employer
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Flexibility in terms
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Easy (negligible) integration
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Future product roadmap—Insurance, Savings etc.

As an Employee

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Instant access to loans 50%-80% of their monthly pay (depending on the employer preference)
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Interest rates that no banks/credit cards/private loan providers offer
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Simple process with easy to use Android App—no endless forms
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Their employer (yourselves) will pay monthly or fortnightly, promptly (salary deduction)


Flexi Limit

Chose between 50% to 80% of employee’s monthly pay. Fixed ceiling—liabilities/risks can be managed effectively.

50% – 80%
Fixed Ceiling

Flexi Terms

Flexible repayment terms for employees. Chose between 3–6 months 0r 6–12 bi-monthly.

3 – 6 months
Bi-monthly 6 – 12 months

Flexi Rates

Competitive interest rates depending on terms lower than credit card/bank loans/private loan providers.

1.83% – 2.92%
Per Month

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